Ignore completely a folder from all obsidian indexers and parsers

“Excluded files” option doesn’t quite work for me as the most annoying features of having an unwillingly indexed folder for me are not excluded from parsers

Use case or problem

Im currently hosting my obsidian vault in Mega, Mega currently uses a folder called “Rubbish” for local cache, hosted, in this case, inside the vault.

The rubbish folder i cannot deactivate in any way nor rename it to “.rubbish” (for obsidian to ignore it) as the service just creates a “rubbish” folder again

Problem is, that while the native “Excluded files” option takes care of search, graph view and unlinked mentions, the more apparent problems of this peculiar inconvenience stay, as:

  • When opening ‘backlinks’ pane on a certain file (ie. a daily note) under linked mentions appears 10, or 20 notes with the same name as, besides the correct linked note, they are 10+ backups on the unwillingly indexed folder

  • When linking to a note that has a duplicate in the unwillingly indexed folder (almost every note), the link shows the long path (as it needs to differentiate from the multiple backups) thus links appear excessively long instead of just the name of the file

  • The backups, although less noticeable, are still visible in link suggestions, making them more prone to human error linking them instead of the current version

  • And of course, it appears on the files pane, i’ve tried the hide files plugin, but weirldy enough it doesnt work after restarting obsidian

Proposed solution


  • an option to fully ignore a path from all obsidian parsing/indexing
  • an option to designate a backup folder (as the .trash folder natively does for obsidian) to ignore it from all parsing/indexing
  • flags/options for the user to decide which indexers will ignore/ still work/ still work but in a lesser extent, under the excluded files section, instead of a fully curated option

I have a similar problem. I have very large folders than need to fall within the scope of my vault (for other unrelated reasons), but which are never needed in obsidian and just drastically slow down opening and indexing time. Having a proper way of excluding folders or paths from being index would massively improve performances for someone like me (and that’s not helped by the fact that I also already have quite a large note vault with a couple thousand files and figures referenced)