Need to ignore folders

Steps to reproduce

Have a big mono repo. Ours creates a node_modules folder containing about 240.000 files, among which 6000 markdown files. The Knowledge Graph is 6000 documents all by itself.

In Obsidian, ignore the node_modules directory (Settings / Files and Links / Exclude folders).

Open the Vault.

Expected result

Obsidian reads 6000 files (the Markdown files belonging to the Knowledge Graph).

Actual result

Obsidian reads 12.000 files (the Markdown files belonging to the Knowledge Graph, and the files in the node_modules folder).

Obsidian chokes on the 12.000 files.


Not applicable.

Additional information

I’m aware of Ignored folder not really ignored, where it is stated that it’s not a bug. I somewhat agree with that statement, because, yes, it doesn’t say it skips that folder. On the other hand I would argue that it would make more sense to either really ignore the files or not, than to “more or less” ignore those files. If Obsidian could completely ignore the files there, that would be really helpful. So it shouldn’t read them, index them, add them to the cache, etc.

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There’s not much to add to what I already wrote.

Obsidian completely ignores folders that begin with a dot. Like .exclude

I can point you to this FR