Ignore Files / Folders

Hello Everyone,

I seek answers / insights!

The Questions:

  1. Is there a way to flag a folder or a file so that it is not included in the Vault? (most importantly not considered when performing searches and especially not in graph view?)
  2. Is there a negation / reversal syntax for the search (filter) term in graph view? i.e. does not include? (This way i can use the filter to hopefully hide these unwanted parts if the above option is not present).

The Situation:

  • Trying to create a hierarchy of the different vaults that I already have (each one has a certain topic / field of focus example: work, study, life, reading material and so on).
  • The purpose behind this is to view the interactions between these different locals of knowledge that I have kept separate to get a better / higher level view of it overall by simply switching between the vaults as desired.
  • The problem some of these directories have clutter files (especially README files / Licenses for example) which greatly clutter the Vault (I know most of these can be discarded by toggling off Orphans in the graph filter however I am interested in Orphans and this removes stuff that I am trying to link).

Thank you for any help / insight!

Edit 1:

Can use the following regex to exclude certain files.

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Sounds like this feature request for ignorable files & folders would match your need?