Show notes without tags

Notes without tags are low quality notes for me. I would love to find those low quality notes. A plugin that would show me all notes without tags would be great. Bear has this as well.


You could do a regex-search for -/#\w+/ (it says: exclude files which contain # directly followed by a word)


Great idea! I had to tweak the regex to -/#[a-z]\w+/, though, since notes referring to the #1 thing you need to do will otherwise get falsely considered to have tags. :wink:

Another weird trick you can do: if you start all your tag names with /, then searching for -tag:# will actually work. (It’d be nice if Obsidian’s search just took -tag: or -tag:# to mean “find untagged”, though.)


This community plugin works well.

you can also use dataview like this

From "" 
WHERE length(file.tags) = 0
SORT file.mtime desc ```

I want to do something similar. I tend to take notes and then [plan to] go over them later, adding tags and cleaning them up. I then add a “processed” tag to the frontmatter.

Is there any way to search for notes without a specific tag?

Yep. If you were to search for all tags with tag #urgent you might search for:


If you wanted to find all pages without #urgent you would put a dash in front of it:


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