Config to ignore/hide select files and folders

One more +1 from me

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+1 here. I have an “archived” folder I really need this feature for. thanks!


+1, totally agree

+1 I also have this problem. I dont want the contents of my “ARCHIVE” folder to show up in the quick switcher.


That would be absolutely nice

The lack of this feature really hurts the possible functionality of using other tools like Logseq in my vault. Sometimes an outliner first approach is nice but pointing Logseq at my vault crests a bunch of junk I never want Obsidian to touch. Templates, dataview and metadata files would all benefit too.

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absolutely +1

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For those who use Obsidian in tangent with NotePlan3, the ‘Backup’ folder NotePlan creates of full-copies of your notes clutters the search and switch experience with duplicates, rendering the experience unviable.

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This will be implemented in 0.14.6+.


Awesome! Thank you :two_hearts:

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That’s great!


This is awesome, but I can’t figure out where the ignore filter is in 0.14.6? Has anyone figured it out?


Thanks! I had the same question.

Does this mean that obsidian will no longer index these files or just that it will index them and then push down the priority? For users who use their obsidian vault interspersed within an existing file system with many files, ignoring to not index is quite valuable since obsidian has an issue with the number of files in my vault and will only load if I hide the file-heavy folder. I really want Obsidian to just pretend that folder doesn’t exist rather than push down the priority but I don’t think this update can do that right?


@mayurankv @WhiteNoise same question

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Excellent news! When can us normal, Android app users expect this feature to come down to our humble devices? :slight_smile:

There are several parsers in obsidian. Some ignore some do not. These files are still parsed for linked mentions. This is an intentional decision.

@ajekylluser eventually it will be released for mobile as well (it is already for insiders).

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