iCloud duplicates

I am also experiencing this issue but with iCloud sync

You cannot use both iclould and obsidian sync at the same time.

I had the same issue and it stopped as soon as I stopped using both iCloud and Obsidian Sync.

I do not use Obsidian Sync. I only sync my files over iCloud Drive from my Windows PC to my iPhone. In fact, Obsidian Sync is disabled:

I do not use Obsidian Sync.

Hrm, then I’m not sure. I used iCloud sync only without issues for a while.

Me too, it just started making copies recently. Maybe a Windows 11 Update?

Oh, you’re using iCloud sync on a Windows device as well as macOS. Yeah then I would say it’s suspect. Not sure how Apple does with its software on Windows.

No, I only sync between my Windows 11 Laptop and my iPhone via iCloud sync. Also, everytime I open my Vault, I get a Windows notification telling me it’s downloading the file but it never finishes and then Obsidian fails to load the file :frowning:

Still, I’d say go for the Obsidian Sync service. I know it’s another one to pay for, but I’ve found it to be rock solid amongst my devices.

I have a similar issue and I hate to say it, but it’s probably iCloud sync. I’m syncing between MacOS 15.0.1, Windows 10, and two iOS 15 devices. It seems to be something with syncing to Windows that duplicates files occasionally. If I disable the Windows sync I don’t see the issue.

I also think it’s a iCloud on Windows problem. Do you also get a notification everytime you open obsidian which says that windows is downloading the iCloud files? Hopefully we’ll soon be able to use other services for syncing between Windows and iOS devices.

I want to specify my problems:

Problem number 1 is, that Obsidian is duplicating files somehow and I don’t know why. It doesn’t happen when writing them. It somehow happens in the background.

The other problem is, that iCloud Drive on WIndows doesn’t seem to download or synchronize files correctly. Even tough markdown files are just a few kb, it takes forever to download and open them. And no, it’s not my internet connection.

I really enjoy obsidian, when it works but these issues are really throwing me off. I am considering paying for obsidian sync but that just makes no sense, as I was searching for a software, where I can freely choose my syncing service.

I think it makes sense, though it isn’t what you want (or intended) to do.

The limitation is iOS and the problem comes from the way iCloud manages synchronisation.

You can continue having problems, hope for the best, give up iOS (possibly give up Windows, though some entirely Apple users have described iCloud issues), switch away from Obsidian, or switch to Sync. Hoping for the best may work out because surely something will change sometime. There may be an alternative I don’t know, but it is a very frustrating situation.

The usual reason for duplicated files is that a different version has appeared (often by a sync clash) and it’s a way to avoid losing data. I had thought Obsidian had moved to merging files (which has its own problems), but maybe not completely. So again, it’s really down to the sync service.

Many people have described difficulties in getting files out of iCloud too, which it would be essential to do before starting Sync, so you ought to be prepared for that if you take that route.