Fuzzy-Search-Autocompletion of Wiki-Links fails if spaces are involved

Since some time I observe different behaviour of Fuzzy-Search-Autocompletion between

  1. the go-to-file modal, i.e. the modal that appears via Ctrl/Cmd+O and
  2. the wiki-link modal, i.e. the modal that appears after typing “[[” in the editor.

Assume, I want to access a note called [[@Donna Haraway]].
Normally I would just fuzzy-search for @har (without any space) and get the note right on top in the modal. Unfortunately, while this still works in modal 1, the note will, for some reason, not appear in model 2… However, if I fuzzy-search for @ har (with a space) then it would find it…

Interestingly, this bug does not occure in the sandbox-vault. However, it still appears even with all Community Plugins turned off… Does anybody have an idea how I can narrow down potential reasons for this weird behaviour?

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