FR: hit Esc to return from 'Search in files' tab back to previously active tab

I want to see Obsidian as much mouseless as possible. Right now there is no easy way to exit ‘Search in files’ and return to the previously active tab (File explorer, for example).
I suggest to implement the following: hit Esc to return from ‘Search in files’ tab back to previously active tab.


Good one! Why don’t you post it as a feature request to the relevant subforum?

Ah, posted it in wrong forum by an accident. Moved the thread to FR-forum!

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Related feature requests:

In particular, if no query is made, then Obsidian should return focus to the current tab and with the cursor position. It currently requires using the mouse to restore both.


This would be an amazing feature - it’s one of the few big issues I’ve had with obsidian since I’ve properly switched to it. It sounds small but it breaks the flow when I’m trying to search for and note things down quickly.

This may be related or a separate feature request, but a very similar behavior occurs when just searching a single notefile, the esc key does not return focus to the note where the text was found.

If any of the devs are reading - this is the single biggest missing feature in obsidian for me. Otherwise I’m 100% keyboard based. I almost abandoned obsidian because of this.

Please push up the roadmap, this can’t be that much work:)