Forcing a newline / hard line break / carriage return - canonical

Looking for advice on the most future-proof / canonical way to add line breaks in my writing. I have the Strict Line Breaks option turned ON because I want to stick as close as possible to standard markdown rendering so when I open notes in other programs, they render the same.

I am aware of these 3 methods:

this way uses standard HTML <br> tag:

this way works<br />
but is ugly &  ^^ tedious!

This way uses a \ at the line ending (nb: does not render correctly in some viewers e.g. QLMarkdown):

this example\
.....uses a ^backslash

and lastly this one, which looks pretty & seems to render in most apps, but I don’t love it because you can’t tell from looking at it which lines have the spaces:

this example...  
puts 2 spaces  ^^ here

Which way are you guys using? Or is there any better method I am not aware of?
I think ideally I would like method #3 if I could somehow make the 2 spaces visible somehow (maybe with CSS?)

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Another discussion on line breaks: How to add multi line breaks in preview mode

Right, this line break issue creates a dilemma. I have switched scrict line breaks off, but as you say, this is a deviation from the Markdown standard.

I also really dislike the MarkDown syntax with the two whitespaces at the end. Actually I think it’s a design failure in Markdown. First, as you say, they are not visible unless you use the “show whitespace” plugin, but more importantly, many text editors silently remove white space at the end of lines when saving (which makes sense for many reasons, e.g. version control and diffing). Also, why does Markdown want two whitespaces?

“truth” gave an elegant answer:
<tab> (actual tab key)

Which is a nice way of dealing with it and appears to be quite compatible.