Float on Top for Mac?

It’s weird that there isn’t a solution for this yet. I tried looking but couldn’t find a Mac-oriented solution. The threads I looked:

Sorry if I missed a thread with an answer.

Question: Is there a way to have Obsidian’s window “float on top” of all the other windows so that it is easier to take notes (I switch between a lot of applications.)

Example: Stickies application in Mac.

Stickies has “float on top” option which allows the window to stay in front of all other windows at all times (even when not in focus.)

Copying text notes from Stickies work fine, but image breaks (prolly coz rtf?)

  1. open dev tools using cmd+shift+I

  2. head to console tab

  3. Paste this in the console and press enter.

  4. remember to do this every time you open obsidian.

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Awesome! thanks for help.

  • To make it translucent

In short, running the code snippet below will make the window sticky and translucent (change 0.88 to play with opacity)

let getWindow = require('electron').remote.getCurrentWindow();
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very cool! this makes it feel like a vim text editor that has the transparency effect. nice!

this is actually something I have tried to make happen with the translucent plugin
but I think this is the best workaround and it doesnt slow down the app

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