Pin on top window

While taking notes from a video or a webpage, we could have a floating window or we can have a mode where the obsidian is pinned on top.

If I could find an editor which stays pinned on top and stores my markdown, then it would be great as well. Currently, for taking notes from a youtube video, I embedd it in a file and take notes alongside it, which isn’t close to what I would need. Since, sometimes there are text on the videos which aren’t readable in small windows. So, If could play video in fullscreen while having the notetaker/obsidian running on top like a small window, it would solve the hassle.

If someone can suggest a editor which has this ability or a browser extension that could do this, it would be major help Thanks.

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Nevermind, I just had to change the way I was searching for things. My bad :slight_smile:

Please mark it as resolved. Or should I delete the post?
Also, how to mark the things as resolved ?

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Thanks for your kind note, I’ve moved it to resolved.

Too bad no such “always on top” tools exist for macOS (AFAIK). I am aware of some hacky solutions using MacForge (nee SIMBL), but nothing easy like you can do on Windows (and probably Linux too).

Oh, I didn’t know this.
Isn’t there naything like AutoHotKey?

There are lots of things like AutoHotKey for general scripting and automation, e.g. Hammerspoon, Alfred, LaunchBar, BetterTouchTool, etc. But one shortcoming - in macOS itself, not the tools - is that pinning a window to the top of all others is not possible.

Oh. Got it.

I should say - it is possible for windows to be made to float on top, but this can only be done by the app that owns that window. So each app must implement this functionality individually. There’s no generic or universal way to allow a 3rd party app to control this like there is on the Windows platform.

Yeah, I got it. Bascially, Mac tries to keep the domains of an app confined to the app itself. So that maybe other apps or even a simpler malware can’t just go around messing with other apps and its settings. Kind of security…

For Windows I’m using DeskPins : Elias Fotinis and am happy so far. Prefer to have something separate for this task than having the developers spend time on it since window management shouldn’t be their problem.

Not sure if this adds any value to this topic for the developers but Obsidian is built on top of ElectronJS which does support “always on top”. I think this would be cross platform if the OS’s have any kind of mechanisms to support that.

I feel having this baked into the application and accessible via the command pallet would be awesome!

i use this (Winset, Alwaysontop, , A) autohotkey code without any problem so far. just hit the hotkey on the window to set it on top and hit it again to cancel it. can’t understand where this can be problematic in any situation