Why my Obsidian on Mac keeps floating on top?

Not sure if anyone else had experienced a similar issue.
I have installed Obisidian on both Mac and Windows. The windows version works perfectly fine, but the one on Mac keeps staying on top of other apps. When I tried to switch to other apps by Cmd+Tab, it’s simply not working.

Things I have tried

I had searched and found this link: Float on Top for Mac?
which provided the code to turn on/off the floating feature:
I set the value to false, but it doesn’t solve my problem either.
Hope anyone could help. Thank you!

What I’m trying to do

I just hope the Obsidian could act like any other Apps that honor the app switching by Cmd+Tab

Did you install the plugin “Electron window tweaker”?
If you did, you may want to check if you toggled “Always on top” in that plugin.

Hello @GreenChocho , when I posted the OP, I didn’t install the plugin. Then I had tried to install the plugin and turn on/off the “Always on top”, but still not helping. It just keeps floating on top no matter what.

I am guessing now, but you may want to check if your hotkeys in obsidian use cmd+tab?
Guessing you have cycle through panes plugin installed?

Thanks @GreenChocho, that’s a good guess. I checked the HotKey but didn’t find anything. I also turned off all the plugins but still not working.
Very weird bug. And it seems it’s only me having this issue?

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