PIP like Note Float

Use case or problem

When using an other app, or if I want to take notes keepin’ on other app, I can’t do so.
Example, I am on my web browser, viewing a PDF, or video, or Google, Zoom Meeting + I don’t want to compromise on real estate (eg by setting side-by-side windows)
And there I want to have an Note from Obsidian to hover over the app, without it disappearing on some click on the Boss app (ie Browser, or Zoom) .

Proposed solution

The Picture in Picture Mode in Google chrome and many other browsers, allows user to view a video, away from the Tab playing it.
So, there should be a option in that triple dots menu of the note to ‘view as PIP’ or ‘Float Note’ …

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

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I love the idea and immediately liked it. Wondering if the following might work as workarounds:

  • If its a PDF, embed it. You can then open it within Obsidian side by side with your editor.
  • If its a website, online video and things like that, you can probably use an iframe insert to have it opened within the app, again side by side with your editor.

I am very new to Obsidian myself and these are my twocents on my own initial experience while crafting a workflow for myself.

Of course I stand to be corrected!

There is a tool called Eloquent that allows you to highlight and take notes in markdown. It is a Chrome extension that overlays the page you are currently on. So, if you open the PDF in your browser, watch a YouTube video, etc. you can still take notes without switching windows. After that, it’s just one copy and paste into Obsidian.
Might be a short term solution for you.

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I like @luke85 's idea, I’ll try that out.

It’s a good idea over all.

a workaround for now for a case like this, is to open a lightweight text editor.

depending on your OS there are some simple ones.

I’m on linux and vim is always my choice, but there are a lot of other simple choices. the great thing is that since obsidian uses .md in local or cloud storage, we can freely use any program to edit text.

note for advanced techy people

if one were to setup emacs, there’s a really powerful browser feature, to write data to specific files.

it’s called org-protocol and even though it’s made for org-mode, I’m sure there are ways to make it work for .md

if not, a hard link (symlink) from .org to .md would be an easy fix.

additionally it would be really easy to write something from a terminal to an .md file in obsidian’s vault location. for those of us who live in the terminal.

final note

apologies for nerding out, there are various ways to achieve this, but none seem beginner friendly. I still support @ViaAhmed 's request to make this doable from within Obsidian, perhaps a firefox extension would be awesome

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For PDF, the controls in Obsidian are very disappointing.
And for the websites, many websites don’t allow themselves in iframe.

If this feature is realized, then following options might be useful:
with Obsidian in foreground:

  • Adjustable transparency level of Obsidian text background (or Obsidian as a whole), to see underlying application around/through Obsidian text.
  • Adjustable blurring of underlying content passing through Obsidian window.
  • When color of underlying windows matches color of text in Obsidian then automatically alter color of Obsidian text to keep certain contrast difference.

keywords: ergonomy, layout, overlapping windows, small screen

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