Dynalist Migration Tool?

Has anyone created a tool/script to migrate Dynalist to Obsidian? I’m considering developing something, but wanted to make sure I’m not duplicating work that someone else has already done. I did searched around but couldn’t find anything, which kind of surprised me considering how similar they are and the fact that they are created by the same people.


FYI, I’m working on this now. I’ll obviously share it when I get something working.

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So far so good. :grinning:

The next step is parsing the links between Dynalist nodes and converting them to file or heading links in Obsidian.

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When you’ve finished it, please tag me so that we can add a link to your post to the meta migration thread. Thanks. :slight_smile:


This would be quite useful🤩!!

@koala Here’s what I have so far:

I still need to add the ability to download attachments from Dynalist and repath links from dynalist.io to the downloaded files instead.

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Thanks, I’ve added it!