Display Header within bullet list in Live Preview

This has already been reported as a bug before

  1. here
  2. and here

but i want it as a feature.

The following

*   # Title H1
    some text in p1 paragraph (under H1)

    *   ## Title H2
        some text in p2 paragraph (under H2)

reads as this :point_down: in the Live Preview

but, it’s displayed like This :point_down: in Preview Mode…

would it be possible to make Live Preview resemble the Preview mode in this particular case?

Thank you very much.

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As mentioned here, the above-requested feature has been implemented.

At first it didn’t work for me, but then I realized that Obsidian was choking over the extra spaces between - and # which Dynalist generates (export > Formatted, copy & paste into Obsidian). When - and # are separated by only a single space (as happens when I use the dynalist-to-obsidian tool referenced here), Obsidian displays the bulleted heading correctly in Live Preview mode (as it already does in Reading mode regardless of the number of spaces).

(Ideally, the developers would make Obsidian more flexible about the number of spaces it expects between - and #, and/or tweak Dynalist’s export format so it generates the number of spaces Obsidian requires – apparently 1 – to correctly render bulleted headings in Live Preview mode.)

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P.S. A quick workaround for cleaning up Dynalist exports pasted into Obsidian, so that bulleted headings render correctly in Live Preview mode, is to Find and Replace - # with - #.