Dynalist Integration (x-post to dynalist forum)

Use case or problem

I want to use the simple and collaborative frontend of Dynalist, with the information contained there synced / exported to my Obsidian vault.

Proposed solution

I’ve requested and linked to proposed solutions on the Dynalist forums. Obviously there is plenty of space for discussion for options in integrating Dynalist with Obsidian, but a simple cross-use case like this is my focus.

Current workaround (optional)

In some use-cases it can be simple enough to embed Dynalist in an iframe in an obsidian document, but I find this lacking. Alternatively is manual exporting of Dynalist documents to markdown files, but this is time consuming and desynchronized.

This tool developed by aireq seems to be the best solution thus far, but I haven’t had time to implement and test it yet. Having some sort of official sync tool hosted by the developers would be preferable to attempting my own.

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