Drag and Drop Header and Block Links from Search Results

Use case or problem

When I look for things in my vault to link them to the note I am currently in, I find it useful to be able to drag and drop relevant links directly into the note. Currently, this only works for note level links. Since you can also search for sections in search results, which offers very granular search results, it would be great to be able to drag and drop these results as header or block links directly into the current note.

Proposed solution

When dragging and dropping a header or block, you get a link to this heading or block respectively, instead of a link to the note they reside in.

Current workaround (optional)

Get link to note and then filter that link or type in [[##]] or [[^^]] to find the block or heading directly


Very nice, I really hope block level link support is improved across the board in coming releases.

This would be so useful

The plugin Obsidian-Copy-Block-Link does this quite well.