Create references for headers or blocks by drag-and-drop

Hi, for referencing blocks, it would be very useful to add automatically the block reference when we drag and drop the text from one note to another.

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+1 for this feature request.

When there is a relatively large number of notes, and I try to organize and make an outline of the new article or new idea, it will be very convenient, if drag-drop-to-create-block-reference were supported.

The work-flow I used is that: search for the content within the Obsidian, then put the relevant contents into the outline, and then update and re-organize the outline.

Currently, I copy-paste the text directly, because it is faster than creating block reference, I don’t want extra operation to break my thought. But the drawback is the source of the text (location within Obsidian notes) in the outline is lost. When I needs to review the outline a few days later, I may have to redo the search again to locate the source of the text I pasted in the outline, in case I needs more context from the original notes.

If the drag-drop can create block reference, that’s will be something very productive.


+1 for this from me. I think drag/drop from search would also be really helpful. Essentially this workflow:

The [[^^ functionality works well most of the time, but search is a bit more powerful.


Drag & Drop Head + Alt for Head reference ,

Drag & Drop Head + Ctrl for Head embed,

Drag & Drop Block + Alt + shift for Block reference,

Drag & Drop Block + Ctrl + shift for Block embed.

For more convince.


Use case or problem

Ctrl + drag block to block embed ,

Alt + drag block to block reference.

We can make block embed , it works ,but the issue is not much faster and about Human - machine interaction.

Proposed solution

For more quickly make block embed and block reference.

Actually, the purpose of this feature request for pushing drag and drop text, block, image, files without selected,without selected ,without selected . Bcz I know it should implement drag and drop first . :smile:

I guess it will implement after v1.0.0 .

Current workaround

Roam . :slight_smile:



Absolutely. I would love this feature within Obsidian as I love block refs.

Would love to be able to open the block ref in a different pane as well vs the note level.
Also, something as simple as a RH click to copy the block ref would be very helpful as well.

If block refs could be used inline where you can see the content vs the UID number then Obsidian would play a higher role within my workflow.

This would be AMAZING

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+1 for this. I also need this feature really badly


I absolutely love this feature in Roam. It makes one incredible productive and truly powers network thoughts.

Seconding this. Would be a great feature. It’s not really about whether this is Roam or not… Even if Roam didn’t exist, it’s just weird to drag and have a page-link instead of a contextual-link. Transclusions now exist in Obsidian, so it would make sense for transclusion to also become more powerful and convenient to use.

You’ve put this very well and you’re right that it’d be a fantastic feature.

+1 this would really be helpful to search and embed notes when outlining

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+1 I’d love to be able to copy and paste block references

Use case or problem

Currently to embed add a reference to a block of text from a different note, the solution is to add a link to that note, type ^ and scroll through the list of suggested blocks. By my experience, this search does not work flawlessly and in more than one case I could not locate the block of text. The other solution would be to add manually an identifier (e.g. ^nameblock) at the of the original block of text that we want to embed in a different note and cite that manually.

I would like to propose a faster way to achieve the same objective

Proposed solution

Dragging and dropping a block of text from one note to another currently results into the text being copied and pasted. I would suggest that once a key is pressed (e.g. shift), the same drag-and-drop would have the effect of creating a block reference, adding ^nameblock at the end of the original block being dragged and creating a reference to that block in the note where this is being dropped.


Use case or problem

When searching for a string or tag, I found out that we have the ability to drag a search result to a page and it will link to the page. However it will NOT link to the specific block/line where the search result is.

Proposed solution

Is it possible to have the resulting link point to the actual location of the search result?

Sorry to double-post, on this video here:

At 21:04, my very question is asked and its noted that there is a feature request open. This video is from March 2021 - does anyone know about this?

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+1 for this — being able to open two editors side by side to pull stuff in instead of having to remember specific text is great.

There is not need for typing anymore, just use this awesome plugin:

tbh it is even better than drag and drop, i just shortcuted it to Alt + V and it is easy and copy pasting, i almost forgot i had this big issue once


You can use my plugin Drag-n-Drop for blocks on Github.

Also it’s already available in plugin community list by name “Drag-n-Drop for blocks”.

It was inspired by Logseq drag-n-drop functionality for fast creation of embeds. If you drag-n-drop without modifiers it will create reference to the block, with Shift it will copy whole block, or you can just move blocks inside file.


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