Display headings and blocks in graph view

Add a setting to toggle the display of headings as nodes around the parent note.

This would be great to visually explore notes of meetings, articles or book summaries.

In connection with the already existing Attachments toggle it would yield a great tree-like graph if the parent note would first have nodes for all headings and then nodes for all attachments that belong to each heading.

Clicking on the heading note would link directly to the heading in the parent note i.e. [[Parent note#Heading|Heading]].

For example in the screenshot below, imagine another level of nodes (Headings) between my book note Aubrey de Grey - Ending Aging and all the image attachments. This would allow to easily open images for individual chapters and to visually explore ones book summaries!


Yes please!


Using Obsidian nodes broken down by the hX headers as individual nodes.

Consider a pair of notes, each with several sections which can be independently targeted by links.

Currently, back and forth links are indiscriminate, no matter the presence of headings which act as logical blocks.

graph TD
	NodeA[Node A]-->NodeB[Node B]


With the new structure, cross-links of meaningful value can be surfaced between sections of references.

graph LR
	nodeAp([Node A])
	nodeBp([Node B])

	nodeA1(Node A h1-1)

	subgraph nodeA[Node A]

		nodeAp -- h1 --> nodeA1
		nodeAp -- h1 --> nodeA2(Node A h1-2)
		nodeAp -- h1 --> nodeA3(Node A h1-3)
		nodeA1 -- h2 --> nodeA11[Node A h1 h2-1]
		nodeA1 -- h2 --> nodeA12[Node A h1 h2-2]
		nodeA1 -- h2 --> nodeA13[Node A h1 h2-3]


	subgraph nodeB[Node B]

		nodeB1(Node B h1-1)

		nodeBp-- h1 --> nodeB1
		nodeBp-- h1 --> nodeB2(Node B h1-2)


(The subgraph for nodes is just a convenient abstraction here; in intended practice all nodes in the graph are treated identically, just as any other linked node.)

Relationships between addressable entities become more link-rich and specific, without increasing the number of files in the system. In a real sense, we don’t actually care about the file architecture. We care about the logical breaks between ideas which are somewhat orthogonal

Since Obsidian is intentionally bound to flat-file systems and for technical reasons block-level addressing is challenging, this may be a mid-term hybrid solution which is “good enough” for even long-term use. Practically, it only changes the graph rendering process and nothing in actual creation or editing of notes; those changes are already integrated.


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Use case or problem

To show my notes in the ‘brain’ way. I use headings more than different files, so I don’t get the brain demonstration as much
This would also allow for mind maps in the classic obsidian style

Proposed solution

Replace the local graph view with the h1 as a root node, then it’s h2s as sub nodes. Connect ones that link


Love it!

It could be a toggle.

In certain situations, this would honestly save me from so much extra work that I go through to get this type of functionality.

I believe there are feature requests that ask for backlinks to show from which heading the current note or in this case heading is linked to from. I assume you would want this as well.

I think a lot of people would find this very helpful although some might only want it applied on a selective few of their notes, which could potentially also be an option.



I’m “upvoting” this after discussion with @SquidLord in the Discord, because I actually do a ton with long literature notes (like, 5000+ word plus) and it would be nice to see which subsections I use a lot. I would recommend they only show if they’re linked to.


I would really like to see this implementation! It would boost my productivity greatly because I generally divide each note with headings and the structure of my notes are based on them!
Possible implementation: a new filter (like tags, attachments and so on) called “headings” that shows as a tree structure the headings of a note (the note itself will be the root node).

It could be a toggle.

I think that would be ideal. In the Graph View, under “Filters”, there could be a toggle labelled “Headers”. If “Headers” is toggled on, then you can toggle “H1”, which would show all the “H1” within each note. If “H1” is on, then you have the option to toggle “H2” and so forth, so that for example, you can only see H4, if you also see H3, H2, and H1.

This way you can just toggle on and off which headings you want to see and how deep into the hierarchy you want to go.


Can you please specify how to do that? With any examplese

Wdym? It’s a pruposal. I don’t think its in obsidian atm


Can we have some update on this feature? Also looking forward to it


Any more updates on this? I’m definitely looking forward to having this.


Any updates? This is probably my #1 request for obsidian, along with improvements to the graph view (i.e. ability to create notes xmind-style, mathjax support, etc.)


Following! This would be great to have


Samething here, it would also be pretty useful to explore densely connected markdown documentations with callback links into every section !


How to support this request?



Related: Graph view of header references inside a single file


Any update on this? Some of my notes are long with sub headings. It would be nice to see relationships in graph view between concepts within notes and not just notes.


Following! This update would be a game changer for me.

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