Bible Study in Obsidian Kit (including the Bible in Markdown)

I have been pondering verse range links using @Joschua’s Bible Study Kit. By adding a beginning level 5 header for the range and then an ending level 5 header around the level 6 headers in the verse range, I am getting a friendly link that reasonably shows and links to the range. I thought I would share my results.

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Hello all! New to this post but found this could be an amazing place where I can customised my very own bible reading tool from here. I tried to followed joebuhlig’s BibleGateway-to-Obsidian way and successfully get the Bible text from BibleGateway, but until the “4. Split each virse to it’s own file” part I think I encountered some problem there.

When I run the bash to split the chapters in to seprate verse files, I found that all the content within the Bible chapter folder would gone. I’m not sure which parts I did it wrong and would like to see if anyone could point me a fix or direction?

Here’s a screencap before I run the script:

Here’s what happened after the script:

p.s. I tried another round to run the “bash” before splitting the verses, and then all the content would combined into a .md file, which has only index inside.

The folder in the download is labelled Version 1. Is there a download to Version 2?

That is an interesting workaround. I wonder, does it break if you have overlapping ranges?

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Yes, for overlapping ranges, you can go up a header level for the encompassing range if one range was a subset of the other. It will break down at some point with lots of overlapping ranges.

For me, this will cover my general range cases and be good enough until someone develops something more robust.

I am sure someone is working on a plugin for the kit that will handle a string of verse references, much like verse searching in most Bible software.

All workarounds have trade-offs. Things don’t always have to be perfect to be helpful. Obsidian and the kit give us lots of options and flexibility.


Does anyone have advice on the best way to cross reference between verses? I could just cross reference to a heading like this [[Matt-27#v46]]. This works well because I can click and navigate directly to the verse but there are a couple of drawbacks.

  1. Notes have backlinks but I don’t think that blocks or headings do.
  2. I don’t think that headings show up in graph view at all. It would be nice to add that. Feature Request - Display headings and blocks in graph view

Use Case
In Matthew 27:46, Jesus is quoting Psalm 22:1. I’d like to have a link to both going in both directions.

Other Approaches
At Bible verses cross-referenced as wikilinks @cvr created an entire vault that already has each verse on a separate file and already cross referenced.

Having an issue linking from a note to a verse block when the chapter is long. For example in 1Corinthians, when linking, I can only scroll down to verse 49 when there are in fact 58 verses. Can anyone offer any help?

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 10.12.20

It happens for me as well. Maybe it is a bug? I am on macOS.

Does it happen on all your notes? I find that I can only scroll down so far on all my notes, which if you want to link to a specific block of text in a note you cannot.

Same issu for me. I’ve been troubleshooting it for quite a while now. Tomorrow I’ll try to run this script from a mac to check if the issue still remains.

Yes! Any really long note in my vault, not just the Chapter files from the Bible Study kit, exhibits the same behavior. The scroll lists ends before reaching the end of the document when I use the ^ for block level linking.

Was succesful running Joschua’s script from a mac yesterday. The Obsidian vault was created in the translation I chose (NVI-PT).

I believe there’s something not working for windows in @jgclark ruby script (used in joschuas’). Maybe it’s another gem needed to be installed? I’m not sure and also not really well versed about running scripts.

Anyway, happy that it worked on a mac!

This kit is amazing! Thank you for the hard work.

When running Joschua’s script today on a Chromebook I had to install ruby then two gems (sudo gem install colorize, sudo gem install clipboard).

maybe a dumb question, but i’m not able to run the scripts - i get an error message that ‘cannot load file — colorize (LoadError)’

nm. reading is a wonderful skill. i promise to try it more often. after reading the response about installing colorize and clipboard, it’s running. sorry for the bother, but i’m obviously in over my head.


please Can you PM me a zip file of the pulled version

It’s pretty amazing to see over 400 clicks on the script and over 200 clicks on the kit (on publish alone) in a couple of months.

I am so grateful this resource can be helpful. I thought I let y’all know that you can help me keep creating resources like this by buying me a coffee! :coffee:

Thank you for your support!


@Joschua Does this workspace (The one containing the whole Bible) is part of your personal vault? If that’s the case, having the entire Biblie on your PKM interferes in a negative way on your own notes containing thoughts or ideas, or does it helps in a positive way to your PKM, having quick reference to the Bible?

Yes, the Bible is part of my personal vault. For me it has a positive influence on my vault. Having the Bible right beside my daily notes and my thoughts and ideas encourages me to evaluate those based on the Bible. In that sense, Obsidian becomes a discipleship tool! I write a bit more about that on my garden.

The only thing that’s potentially negative is a cluttered graph view. But with custom searches that can be mitigated quite easily. Or turned into a positive by exploring how your thoughts reference Scripture (and which parts they like to ignore).


That really helped, thanks!

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