Default template for new note (cltr-n, click to non-existing note)

I created this request to consolidate a few FRs about new note creation.

It would be nice when a new note is created to automatically have it populated from a template.

A new note is created when:

  • You click the new note button
  • You use the shortcut ctrl-n
  • You use the command palette shortcut
  • You click on a non existent wiklink.

Current workaround (optional)

Two steps:

  1. Create the note
  2. Select and insert a template

+1 for this feature/plugin.

+1 on this

Another +1 on being able to specify a default template for all new notes

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For me, I have too many different templates to want to pick one to always be used, so I wonder if instead a new note could display something like the “No file” view that appears when no file is open, followed by a list of clickable template actions.

(Ideally, this would be something plugins could hook into, so that you aren’t locked into one specific templating implementation. That is, supply an event for fetching template actions, so that plugins could respond to the event by passing a list of names and callbacks, or something of that sort.)

(See also my notes on an idea for a Stationery plugin.)


+1 for implementing a feature in Obsidian in which you can set a default template when a new note is created in any of the possible ways.

related (identical request basically) => Templates for New Notes

+1 would be very handy


With so many plugins, is it possible to automaticaly add pre-defined YAML header when I create new (empy) file? I know I can set shortcut to paste the template, but the problem is many times I just forget to do it. Thank you for letting me know about some workarounds!