Add a Default Template for New Notes

Use case or problem

When I create a new note, I would like that note to have a template auto-populated.

For me, I’d just add the simplest template possible.

created: {{date}}

Proposed solution

Just add this:

Current workaround (optional)

“Ya know…I think Templater does that.” Yes I know. But Templater is super intimidating to me and for everyone who doesn’t know how to code.

It’s like taking Iron Man to a knife fight…a bit much.

So we’re stuck having to manually insert a template into every note we make. The pain point is real and hurts the future-proofing aspect of knowledge management because, as many of us know, we can’t trust that the file system’s creation date will always remain accurate.

In this writer’s opinion, this simple feature can go a long way towards allowing Obsidian to be more inviting to newer users.

EDIT: I missed this, but there is a related 3 year old feature request: Default template for new note (cltr-n, click to non-existing note)


Even has someone who knows how to code, templater seems like too much to me. I code enough at work, I don’t want to code in my free time too. lol

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Ah thanks for pointing that out. I missed it initially, but just added it to the OP.