Default template for new note (cltr-n, click to non-existing note)

This is one of those things that fit in the perfect Quality of Life update. I’m tired of manually adding the metadata each time I create a new note.

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+1 for this as a feature as well. I can user the Templater plugin and assign a hotkey to a New Note template, but having the new note icon and action be optionally linked to a template as a core feature would be convenient.

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This can easily be solved using the popular templater plugin itself. It could be better worded, but the feature is there, even to for new notes created from links. This should however be a native feature in Obsidian

just like @raiseabelatrix said. Enable folder templates for the root directory. and now no matter where you create the note or how you create it. The selected template will be applied


woo, that’s cool. It saves my time!
btw, you should turn on this option firstly:

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This is not working for me, for some reason, also when I try using the templater, it’s not resolving all the <% %> code blocks

+1 for this. Great for keeping productivity moving.

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+1 for this.

Surprised we don’t have this already, actually. Would be great!

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automate > recreate

Save a click, save a life…



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Please add this