DataviewJS Snippet Showcase

@metawops Thank you so much! This is a great start. I am working with it and this is a great help to me. :pray:

Hi DataviewJs Team,
I have a quick question:
When I use the “query” I get the paragraph that I put the #highlight tag on.


But when I use “dataview” How can I get the paragraph that I put the #highlight tag on? Of course, all I get is the file name NOT the paragraph text I put the tag on. Thank you for any help you can provide:

from #highlight 

Just another user here, but as far as I know dataview (or dataviewjs) will not give you that because it does not index entire files, just metadata.
Exception: if your “paragraph” is actually a list item or a task, you might be able to get the text.
But otherwise, stick with the built-in Query blocks?

Thank you @scholarInTraining I very much appreciate your message. The problem with using the “Query block” is that it shows every time I have the “Query block”. So I end up with blank paragraphs for every day. :cry: How can I stop these blank listings?

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I see if I use (tag:#highlight) it works perfectly. Thank you for your reply @scholarInTraining

I didn’t know that there is already “dv.current()”.

By replacingdv.pages() with dv.current() ,
I can get the dataview data for the inline fields in the current file.


A very weird behavior appears when a task-text have some number in front of a due date.

  • [ ] 21 :spiral_calendar:2022-08-31
    goes to ‘overdue’.

On the other hand,

  • [ ] 22 :spiral_calendar:2022-08-31
    goes to ‘upcoming’.

From my test, only tasks including a number between 22 and 68 go to ‘upcoming’. (Today is 2022-08-10)

For example,

  • [ ] abc 22 :spiral_calendar:2022-08-31 → goes to upcoming.
  • [ ] abc 69 :spiral_calendar:2022-08-31 → goes to overdue.

Is there anyone who can give me some clue? Without any number in a task-text, everything is O.K.