Customization of Attachment and Tag Appearance in Graph View

Use case or problem

The graph view can display attachments and tags, but we don’t have much control over how they appear. This includes both colors and text; attachment filenames can overcrowd the graph view when enabled, as this post points out:

My main use case would be hiding the file path for attachments. I have a bibliography note that only links to attachments, so it would be nice to be able to see the filename without the path or extension. Customizing colors based on file path, name, or extension would also be nice.

Proposed solution

This could be a set of options for attachments and tags such as “show file path”, “show extension”, and “show hashtag” for tags. For tag/attachment colors, it could behave similarly to the existing groups.

Related feature requests

Attachment colors were mentioned here:

I considered this request distinct because my focus is attachment filenames. It may make sense to merge this request into that one, though.

Additionally, this request:

This request is concerned with regular notes rather than attachments or tags, but it’s also focused on allowing customization of how text appears in graph view.

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