Questions concerning attachments in graph view

Hello, the following issues that I will list, I have searched for a solution on this Help category of the forum, but I could not find anything even close to it, so here it is:

  1. is there a way to change the colour of the nodes for attachments? Like if an attachment is in a group (path), and its node is red, can i change the attachments’ node colour to red too? Is there any way to change the colour of the nodes for attachments?
  • I tried making a group for the path location that the attachments are stored in, but apparently attachments do not show up as groups. They only show up as mere attachments. I cannot colour code them, or any other fancy stuff like that.
  1. When I enable attachments to filter on the graph view, they show up with having their names as their path locations. Can I somehow have the attachments to show up on the graph view with having their given names, and not their path locations?
  • The path locations, because they are long, seem to overcrowd the graph view. One of my folders don’t feature any notes, only attachments. Now looking for those attachments in the graph view, with having its long path locations as their names, is very difficult, which is why I also had to ask the question asked on #2, and additionally #1.

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