Could the "copy" command copy plain text only

It looks like the “copy” command copies formatting as well, which makes copying between Obsidian in dark mode between rich document in light mode absolutely horrible (need to change formatting of the pasted text). Could this be improved please?


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Doesn’t your operating system’s “Paste as plain text” solve this problem for you? On Mac this is accomplished with Cmd+Alt+Shift+v. (I think. Using muscle memory.)


What I miss is some way to copy the rich text with formatting, but without any theming. This allow me to keep a markdown version which I work with, but to easily share a rich text version, via e.g. email, with non-markdown users.
Currently I can either copy and paste with all formatting, which seems to include a background color, or paste without any formatting, which removes the headers.

Copying also seems to skip any mathematics that is in the document. My current workaround is to open the document in Typora, which has a “Copy without theme styling” option. It also seems like they include mathematics as an image in the copied text.