Copy As / Paste From

Use case or problem

Most popular Markdown editors (e.g. Bear, Ulysses) have context menu options to Copy As various formats and Paste From various formats. This allows users to easily convert between text formats without using an intermediate program.

Proposed solution

I would love to see this context menu added to Obsidian!

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I use Bear for markdown text that I know I’ll have to paste into a Rich Text editor. As other feature requests/bug reports have noted, copying from Preview mode in Obsidian doesn’t work very well because it includes extra style info reflecting the users’ display settings – but when exporting formatted text I want the Rich Text to be as generic as possible so it will match the format of whatever document or program I’m pasting into (Bear & Ulysses both do this).

Related feature requests (optional)

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