Copy without theme styling

Is there any way of copying text from Obsidian (either natively or using a plugin) without theme styling?

Typora has this exact feature (Edit > Copy without theme styling)

What it does it copy the structure of the rendered HTML, but without the theme styles (fonts, colours, etc) leaving basic structural styling. This allows me to copy and paste into emails, Word, and other places where it’s a massive hassle to copy/paste and then remove the theme styling manually.

Copying and pasting as plain text is no good (see this thread) because you lose the structural elements (headings, bullets, links, etc).

For now, using Typora as an intermediate step works, but would love to find a way to do this directly from Obsidian.

Update: also is there a way of copying and/or exporting and stripping out wikilinks (because wikilinks outside the context of Obsidian are meaningless)? I want to be able to keep external links.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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I think this should be possible with the pandoc plugin. If I recall correctly typora also uses pandoc to export it’s markdown.

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