Click on an image to view a larger version

Sometimes you might want to view a larger version on the image so it’d be handy if it were possible to click on the image to view a larger version of that image.


Hi, I made enlarging images on hover. It is more handy. You can change it easily on clicking.


I agree.

Presently there is no way for me to zoom in on the image below!

When reading notes, it is useful to be able to zoom in on an image sometime.
It would be nice if we could double-click on the image and make it pop-out on its own so we can make it full screen.

See, for example, how Notion does it.

Another alternative would be to just right-click and select “open in new tab” or something like that.


This may be of interest to you.


That is awesome! Thank you so much.

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Thanks a lot! This solved everything for me!

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It’s not perfect… I wish I truly could open an image on it’s own. Kind of like of what remnote does.


Double click an image should really open the image / file in whatever default program is assigned to it (photo viewer, etc).

I was actually going to merge a few posts here, but I forgot that this is possible with CSS:

This works like a charm! Thanks a lot for sharing @den