Click image to view full image file / expand / enlarge image

Use case or problem

When an image exists in a MarkDown file and I sometimes want to click the image to view the full image file in Obsidian.

Proposed solution

In settings

  1. Create a “Click image to view image file” option

When the a “Click image to view image file” setting is enabled, it will allow the user to:

  1. Click image in Edit or View mode (either will do)
  2. The image file now opens in a separate tab

Current workaround (optional)

With mouse:

  1. Open/view file in Edit mode
  2. Click the image to view file name (![[Pasted image 20991231123456.png]])
  3. Hold down CTRL and click on the file name (![[Pasted image 20991231123456.png]]), the image now opens in a new tab

Using keyboard:

  1. Open/view file in Edit mode
  2. Move cursor “into” the image to make the file name visible (![[Pasted image 20991231123456.png]])
  3. Move cursor on top of the file name (![[Pasted image 20991231123456.png]])
  4. Press CTRL+Enter, the image now opens in a new tab

Related feature requests (optional)


  • Obsidian version 1.1.9

Use case or problem

I often need to paste very large (up to a full page in size) diagrams from my textbooks into my notes. When they’re small enough not to crowd out the rest of the material, they’re too small to read. When they’re large enough to read, they push all the notes down.

Proposed solution

Make the image expand to its full size when clicked with the mouse, but retract to the user-specified size (with the pipe) after clicking it again.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently I put the full-size image in a nested, collapsible bullet point. This doesn’t work too well, because it still crowds things out, and also every time I edit the note it un-collapses the nesting in the preview window, which is often annoying.

Related feature requests (optional)


Use case or problem

Enhance image viewing in preview mode for desktop app.
Would be great to implement on the desktop app the same behavior than the mobile one: opening images full screen when clicking on them.

I’m just discovering the Obsidian app and ecosystem: GREAT stuff !!!


I am desperate for this :scream: I find it so inconvenient to have to switch to live preview mode in order to be able to have access to markdown images context menu like below…