Click on an image attachment to zoom

When I’m attaching image with a lot of text in it, it gets restricted to the width of the editor. Makes it quite difficult to read what’s written unless I can zoom in.

Cmd + is not a solution because it zooms into the entire UI.

I’d like it if on preview mode there’s something like a small magnifying glass that pops up the image or perhaps open the attachment file in preview.


I’d like that feature built into Obsidian too, but as of now there’s a CSS workaround. I have implemented that in the theme that I created: Theme: Dark Arts (Dark Mode Only). So with this, you can click and hold on images to enlarge them.

The css code for it was posted by a user in Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks.

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Ah I didn’t know it was possible with css. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Hi, I prefer the method of opening the image in a pop-up window by double-clicking on it (in that window, with the ability to zoom in and out and scroll). Sometimes I attach very large image files as materials. Some image materials may not fit in Display.