Canvas: Ability to link to a specific group / a selected section / a card of a Canvas

Use case or problem

I can link to a sticky note / a selected group from Excalidraw inside a note. If Canvas offers this card / group of card reference, it would be super powerful.

Proposed solution

  • Select a group / a card > Copy reference > Paste it in a note. When I hover the link, I can see preview at the specific group / card inside that Canvas. Even better, I can embed like example below.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Using Excalidraw

Good idea! It is also possible to embed groups, areas, and obviously entire Excalidraw drawings into notes. This too would be nice functionality with canvases.


Really need it!

In my notes I want to reference specific nodes in a canvas. It would be great if you could link to a node, click the link and you were take straight to the node.

Search sort of does this in that it highlights the node but for a big canvas, it doesn’t work very well.

This would be very helpful! Here is a relevant request: Canvas cross references

And technically if you could link to canvas nodes from notes, you could embed those notes in canvases, effectively allowing for canvas cross references.


Has anybody tried the Link Exploder [BRAT] plugin? [PNG]

Link Exploder is a Obsidian plugin that creates a canvas from a note, embedding it’s incoming (i.e. backlinks) and outgoing links onto the canvas (as well as the their linked notes). The new canvas will be added to your root directory using the name of the note it’s based off.

Use case or problem

Currently it is very helpful to use the “Jump to group” command within canvas, but it can be a slower process and difficult to remember group names when you have many. Often times I have canvases set up in such a way that I will often want to quickly navigate from a specific node in the canvas to just one or sometimes a few different groups.

Proposed solution

Allow for the ability to create links to groups. I would be okay with however this might be accomplished. I imagine there may already be some existing syntax in other software for similar functionality that might be a logical choice, but I am unaware of them.

Current workaround (optional)

I can add an adjacent card reminding me of the group name/names that are relevant to allow for easier navigation. Possibly, I could set up a macro to copy the selected group name from one of these cards, run the Jump to group command, paste the group name, then press enter. However, I haven’t tried this yet.

Another option is to create canvas connection lines, and use the “Go to target/source” commands. The downside is that these lines will make the canvas a lot more busy and chaotic. This is especially true since the use case is mainly in situations where the destination group is quite far away.

Related feature requests (optional)

Here is a relevant request that specifically asks for this same functionality but from within notes. Technically, I guess if that request were implemented, in the canvas you could embed notes with the group links, and utilize them. Canvas: Ability to link to a specific group / a selected section / a card of a Canvas



Great Job so far canvas is definitelly one of the best Obsidian plugins so far, but …

Use case or problem

What would be great if you could implement some sort of linking ID system, so you can create a link (clickable) from Object 1 to object 2,3,4 and so on/ so you don’t have to zoom out to locate another card or other element on the board

In Miro for instance, this is called Frames, every Frame has an ID which can be triggered from everyware on the board this way you can create flow between all frames my moving from one to another without changing the zoom level.

Proposed solution

Every object on Canvas board will have an ID assigned to it so it can be found enyware on teh board as well as you can create a hyperlink from other card/object and skip/jump between them without draging (Space + Hold) manualy or changing the zoom level

Current workaround (optional)

Non, the only work around is to manualy move accross teh board with the Space pressed in , a bit counterproductive i would say


Excellent suggestion. This would add A LOT more use

I am so much loving the new canvas!!!


Example Video

Although it’s not possible to jump to every node, it is now possible to jump to groups. Here’s a quote from the v1.1.10 release notes:

Canvas: New “Jump to group” command allows quickly jumping to a group by name.

The accumulating improvements are amazing to behold. Thanks!


Linking to objects in a canvas would make this awesome feature even more so!

Hope it will get implented at some point.
As I looked trough the forum, I saw two similiar FR, so I thought I’ll put the links here too, so it gets all gathered in one place :slight_smile:

Use case or problem

When I set a link card jumping to another canvas on a canvas, i would like the canvas link option jumping to a specific group on the canvas just like [[Note#Header]] feature.

Proposed solution

If you right click on a canvas link, the menu displays a kind of button “Set this link to the group of… ”.


:smile:I like this one. I hope canvas can be used in my notes page with [[Note.canvas#group]], If there is less canvas content, the words on the card can be directly displayed (images and links can use icons).

How exactly do you jump to a group?

I have a hotkey set for the “Canvas: Jump to group” command, but you could also trigger the command via the Command Palette.

It’s definitely a useful feature that can be easy to overlook. Good luck!

See this request: Canvas: Ability to link to a specific group / a selected section / a card of a Canvas


+1 Necessary to be able to jump to a specific section once the canvas gets filled. Also great for referencing specific areas in other notes.

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