Canvas cross references

Connecting notes between different canvases

Canvases are a very good solution to visualize coherences. I use them to be able to view topics and directions of action between notes in isolation. But some notes are connected to notes on another canvas.

Proposed solution

Therefore i would like to have a button to create a cross-canvas connection (cross reference) between specific notes - on click jumping to that specific note on another obsidian note canvas.

OR: drag and drop a note from one canvas onto a note on another canvas could lead to mark both notes with a cross reference icon: Automatically created ”link-to-icon” above the dragged note and an automatically created ”backlink-icon” above the other note.

Current workaround

Creating a card on Canvas by drag and drop another canvas, to build cross reference. But that does not lead to a specific note on that connected canvas.


Very cool idea!

Just wanted to also link to different yet relevant request since it works with similar interaction: Allow connections between the same canvas opened in adjacent tab groups


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