Add "Copy Wikilink" command

Use case or problem

You can copy an Obsidian URL with a command. But there is no way to copy a Wikilink. It would be a great way to quickly grab a link from one note, and drop it into another.

Proposed solution

Add a bindable command, “Copy Wikilink”. It would copy the user’s Wikilink format, and obey the user’s settings for path format. (Shortest when possible, absolute, etc.)

A hotkey/command would even help to avoid having to know and search the name of a note. When adding a link via auto-complete search.

Current workaround (optional)

The different ways now:

  • Drag from the file explorer
  • Start typing a wikilink, and search for the name
  • “Copy file path” command, and then manually reformat it from Path/ to [[Note]]

Related feature requests (optional)

Unanswered help request: Hotkey to copy wiki link

Related FR about dragging from note tabs: Allow for dragging of note icon or tab to create link

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