Context menu to convert internal links to obsidian url links within editor

Use case or problem

In case a user wants to redirect to a Note_Y within the editor or reader of the current Note_X through an external obsidian url format and not an internal link. Especially when the two notes are not related but Note_Y needs to be redirected to its original source for reference.

Proposed solution

The context menu for Note_Y already has the option to copy the obsidian url for the note (inside the editor for Note_X).

why not add the context menu option for converting the internal link to an external obsidian url link. For example to convert

[[Note_Y]] to [Note_Y](obsidian://open?vault=XYZ&file=Topics%2FNote_Y)

I know the after converting the internal link to an external link the Note_Y should not be renamed or moved (because that would make the url link in Note_X invalid) but none of that is necessary in the zettlekasten method. Perhaps a popup message when clicking “convert to external link” to mention the risks would be a good warning. There’s a feature request (mentioned in related feature request below) that would solve this problem as well.

Current workaround (optional)

The current workaround is to copy the Obsidian url in the context menu and change the formatting to external link manually. It’s too much work for something that can be done with a single click.

Related feature requests (optional)

There’s already a feature request to have a unique id for each note. This would simplify the process of tracking notes further.

Current Walkaround (optional)

There are two plugins act as a workaround solution for the use case

1 Obsidian copy url

This plugin adds a context menu to copy the link in the [Note_Y](obsidian://open?vault=XYZ&file=Topics%2FNote_Y) format

2 Paste URLs into selected text

This plugin allows a copied obsidian url to be pasted into a selected text to convert the selected text into an external link with the link as the copied url. It even allows to be pasted in the [](obsidian://open?vault=XYZ&file=Topics%2FNote_Y) format if no text is selected. The cursor is placed in the placeholder for title after the link is pasted (well thought).

Both the Plugins are unique and it would be awesome if they are inbuilt. Along with the solution to the original problem of course.