[Bug]: iCloud Drive/Obsidian folder not visible on MacOS


[x] iOS
[x] Mac
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17(4)

After installing Obsidian for iOS on my iPad, I created new iCloud vault and a test note.

The Obsidian folder is visible in Files app both on iPhone and iPad:

But it is not visible on iMac with MacOS:

After searching the filesystem I was able to locate the folder (/Users/valerykondakoff/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Main) but it is still not visible in Finder:

This is what I see if I choose ‘Reveal in Finder’ in the ‘Find any File’ app. The Obsidian folder is still not visible in the root of the iCloud Drive on macOS:

I have restarted all the iOS and MacOS devices. The ‘Show hidden files’ option is enabled on macOS. Any suggestions?
(iPadOS/iOS 14.6, macOS 11.4)


FWIW I had the same problem and restarts on both the mac and Iphone fixed it. This was about ten minutes after installing the vault in IOS, so it may just have been a sync delay.

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Thanks, jwb! I have restated all of the devices - this does not help.
Actually, the folder was synced, it is just not displayed in Finder.
Here is what I see in Terminal:

Any glues what may be wrong?

Here is the output of ls [email protected] (including extended attributes):

[email protected] 4 valerykondakoff staff 128 27 апр 11:01 iCloud~md~obsidian com.apple.metadata:com_apple_backup_excludeItem 61

I had the same problem. Here’s how I made it load up:

  1. Open system preferences on Mac
  2. Go to “Apple ID”
  3. Choose “iCloud” from the options on the left
  4. At the bottom right, you’ll see the colored storage details and a button that says “Manage”. Click that.
  5. On the left will be a scrolling list of apps using iCloud storage. Find Obsidian from that list. Select it, then in the pane on the right you’ll see a button “show in finder.” Select that and it will open a finder window with the Obsidian folder and now it’s available on the Mac.

Hey, derekvan, thanks for the idea! Selecting and revealing the Obsidian folder in Finder does not solves the issue for me, but there is another set of iCloud-related options when you click iCloud Drive → Manage:

After clicking ‘Manage’ there is a list of apps, that are using iCloud. Obsidian was already checked, but unchecking it and checking it back solves the issue!

Thanks again! I’m pretty sure this should be added to the docs, as it is not very intuitive…

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