iCloud Drive on Mac not showing Obsidian folder in Finder

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to sync my vault to Mac.

I can see and access the Obsidian app folder on iCloud Drive on mobile, and it is also syncing and operating fine on Windows. I can also FIND the Obsidian folder in iCloud Drive through the iCloud settings on Mac (“show in finder”), but the folder itself does not show up in Finder when trying to select it as the vault location from within Obsidian.

The vault itself on Mac DOES sync perfectly fine, I just can’t use it because it can’t be seen by Obsidian.

What I’ve Tried

I’ve rebooted both devices (Mac and iCloud), added and deleted files on Drive and in the vault folder in order to “kickstart” the sync, but that hasn’t worked.

I tried creating a new vault in iCloud Drive from Obsidian on Mac. It synced back and could be view on the iPhone, but the “real” vault still didn’t show up on Mac.

I also looked at the list of apps in iCloud Drive settings, where you can check and uncheck what apps are allowed to use Drive to sync, but Obsidian doesn’t show up on the list.


The short version: Obsidian folder is syncing to Mac via iCloud Drive but cannot be used by Obsidian because it can’t be seen in finder without navigating to it from the “show in finder” button in System Preferences.

Edit 2

I thought I had solved it, but I hadn’t. I was in the Applications folder in Finder and thought I was looking at the Obsidian icon in the iCloud Drive folder, oops! THAT SAID: The alias folder worked so I guess I’ll live with that for now.

Take a look here if this is still an issue: [Bug]: iCloud Drive/Obsidian folder not visible on MacOS - #6 by Valery_Kondakoff

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