Better tag visualization in graph view: show links between tags, resize tags based on mention

Is it possible to have a graph view for tags also. I mean like to check how the tags are interlinked to each other. And the more number of times a tag is mentioned the bigger the circle is in the graph view.


Neat idea! It sounds like you imagine this to be a separate view from the current graph view, is that right?

Others have discussed putting tags in the graph. What you’re talking about might also be accomplished via that route and with filtering options. Still, I like the idea of investigating the relationships of different tags…


Yeah I was thinking of it as a separate view from the current graph view. Though it will be comparatively basic to the current graph view and local view. Kind of like the graph view in Walling. It will be interesting to explore the relationships as a result.


+1 for this request!

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That would be really great. Especially when using multiple tags on a note


Great idea!

My thought was that the graph could support both pages and tags. The user can this filter which is seen.
With just page user sees current graph.
With page and tags, user sees page-page arcs and tag-page arcs.
With just tags, pages are hidden so tag-{pages}-tag becomes just tag-tag.

This allows the user to navigate between pages based on direct links and shared tags.


A great feature should be.
Meanwhile I just use links instead of tags (with a hash sign).

The latest insider builds (0.9.x) support displaying tags in the graph view.
However, it currently looks like this from what I see:

  • it shows relations from a note to all the tags it contains
  • it shows relations from a single tag to all the notes it is contained in
  • it doesn’t show a relation from one tag to another if they are contained in the same note

I can see a relation of tags by filtering tags (this feature is awesome!), for example :

But the graph view can’t show the tags node if I search “tag:#Problem tag:#PracticalKnowledge” (removing ‘OR’)

I don’t know whether this is a bug or not. At least, it works as I expected. Thanks a lot to devs!


It would definitely be interesting and useful to see a graph view based on a tag connection (temporarily hiding backlink connections), either in the main graph or way to get a local graph for tags.

Filtering the global graph view to a tag still shows the backlink relations so doesn’t quite solve this unless backlink links can be toggled off.

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Thanks alot for the changes the developers made into the graph view; it makes much more sense now. So, I’ve been trying to tweak my notes in a way to diverge normal zettel/evergreen/atom-notes; from higher-level concepts/categories; I did that by making the larger concepts like “Habit” tags (i.e. #habits) - before they were normal entries with links.

The problem is that the #tag - as we all know - is a terrible way to note-take; and it’s because it can’t be linked to other tags/notes. But, I think it is easy to feature that in Obsidian after the last updates.

Now, if I want to see a graph view of a tag; I must go to the global graph view; and search it (i.e. enter #habits); but this will not show deeper connections of notes using the tag (that would show normally in local graph view) (i.e. if there’s a note linking evolution theory to habit-normalization; I won’t be able to see the linkage between #habits & #evolution_theory).

So; long story short; It would be enormously helpful if you add depth that shows other tags to global graph view Search Mode!

Thank you :slight_smile:


While adding tags to the graph is definitely useful for viewing relationships, I find myself still wanting to quickly view and navigate my tags in a structured way. I think tag folders would be more practically useful for that (Tag folders (in tag pane)).


I just had the idea to colour links according to them being bidirectional or just linking in one direction

+1 great idea

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+1 this would be so useful

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+1 is the masthave function. Having familiarized myself with obsidian, I thought that it already worked by tags…

Links between files are inconvenient. What if I need to link 4 files together?) Do I need to register a new one in all 3 previous ones?)) What will be with n files?)

And so I added a tag and that’s it, then only change the cuts

+1 Any update on this fantastic feature?

+1! This feature is super necessary, and would increase the possibilities of working with tags!

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