Adding Depth to (Search Mode) Graph View


Thanks alot for the changes the developers made into the graph view; it makes much more sense now. So, I’ve been trying to tweak my notes in a way to diverge normal zettel/evergreen/atom-notes; from higher-level concepts/categories; I did that by making the larger concepts like “Habit” tags (i.e. #habits) - before they were normal entries with links.

The problem is that the #tag - as we all know - is a terrible way to note-take; and it’s because it can’t be linked to other tags/notes. But, I think it is easy to feature that in Obsidian after the last updates.

Now, if I want to see a graph view of a tag; I must go to the global graph view; and search it (i.e. enter #habits); but this will not show deeper connections of notes using the tag (that would show normally in local graph view) (i.e. if there’s a note linking evolution theory to habit-normalization; I won’t be able to see the linkage between #habits & #evolution_theory).

So; long story short; It would be enormously helpful if you add depth that shows other tags to global graph view Search Mode!

Thank you :slight_smile:


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