Rendering all tags and their connections in graph view. Notes that have no direct internal links would be connected over a tag

Use case or problem

I work with graph view very often. I link my notes with internal links and use/reuse tags consistently. The graph-view already has an option to show tags. But i noticed that not all tags get displayed. Some are missing.

Proposed solution

I would propose to remove the limit for tags in graph view, so that all my tags get displayed.
They could be added one at a time in rendering mode just like it is already with notes, so overall they could be treated just as notes get treated. I would propose that notes, that are not connected directly by any other form of connection could be connected each on their own to the tags so that the tag acts like some sort of middleman. Tags could have as many connections as they are mentioned in the notes.

Current workaround (optional)

I currently don’t have a workaround for this, please help.

Related feature requests (optional)

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