Tags as first class citizens & consistency

Use case or problem

On a wide scale, sometimes notes are linked by their tags, rather than directly (or even indirectly). Tagging, to be very honest is just much easier for me, than linking specific notes *thinking of specific partners and notes to link to. After all, this whole system, I gather, is all about a second brain.
So I would basically suggest to gather inconsistencies between links and tags and make them BOTH equally “important” and versatile. I don’t think they must be equivalent (making one obsolete), but much like the graph-view I would love the switch and then say: hey, I also want to look for tags.
I.e.: Using the search, i can look for #tagName, but this looks for the string, not the actual tag. That makes a difference and yaml tag: tagName is not found! So this is the first inconsitency. Also why is autocompletion a separate plugin here. Just feels unnatural to have two ways to manipulate tags, but one does something and the other just doesn’t. Second, and much more importantly for me, the graph-view can connect notes based on links, which are a perfect way to show connections between notes. But it cannot do so for tags. Specifically, a local graph does have no links, except to it’s own tags, but from these tags it doesn’t branch further, even with higher depth. That forces me to explicitly think of links to specific notes. And my brain goes more like “hey there’s a somewhat topic related to this”, usually. If I have proper links, it’s much more solid of course and should always be there in a way, similar to what it’s now. I just suggest to upgrade tags to be more first, rather than second-class.

Proposed solution

Update both graph-view with tags switch on/off and tags-links (or some descriptive name, that the tags are considered as link) on/off.
Then find other inconsistencies, like the yaml/# dilemma and try to have a system wide look and feel.

Current workaround (optional)

You can link everything. But this is not how I think. I do not open a big TOC note in my brain, but I start with some scrappy note and tag it with some stuff. Then comes more.
There’s a yaml tag Autocomplete community plugin. For searching I don’t know a way.

Related feature requests (optional)


I second this very much - the tag search seems inconsistent and inconvenient.

Proposed solution:

I think the Front-matter should be excluded from normal text search (so I think this suggestion is related).
The Tags from the Frontmatter should be properly included in searches though. So if I just search for #exampletag it should list them. Right now it doesn’t at all… I have to specifically search tag:#exampletag or tag:exampletag.

I find the same when searching via file: … which IMO should include the aliases. As that seems to me the idea of aliases, right? Because there’s no way to just search for title: for example, to include the aliases.

That the graph view would include tags was also my default assumption - it seemed logical. But I’m not sure if it gets too complex.


Frontmatter YAML can also be in quotation marks like this " #exampleTag", then it shows in at least the tags both searches.

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