Automatic plugin updates

Use case or problem

I would like to know that my Obsidian use the newest version of all installed plugins.

Proposed solution

Add option to turn on auto update plugins (like obsidian auto update feature)

Current workaround (optional)

Go to settings and click for Community plugins → Check for updates → Update All

Related feature requests (optional)

i don’t find


Is there a reason why this is not implemented?
I know some people want to have control and don’t like auto-update but there could be at least a notification about updates.


This would be super helpful. The number of times I’ve run into a problem that’s been solved by updating a plugin in has been frustrating.

I imagine that this could be implemented per-plugin, with a globally-definable default. A three-way choice would be helpful:

  1. Never (automatically) Check for Plugin Updates.
  2. Notify About Plugin Updates (but do not install).
  3. Automatically Keep Plugin up-to-date.

You can use BRAT for this

Yes, but with BRAT, you have to subscribe to the plugin you wish to track. I wish there were collections you could bulk import.

I would also like a more intelligent way of handling plugin updates.

Also, I would welcome a way to allow for beta builds in specific plugins. Installing them is quite cumbersome.



I would also love this :sob:

BRAT is just my current workaround but you’re right, it’s a hassle.

I would love this. It makes no sense that one has to manually click the update all button. The option to automatically update should be there for those who need it.

There’s a community plugin that can notify you of updates to plugins, seems pretty robust and up to date, haven’t used it myself.

Can you use BRAT but only install non-beta releases?

The thing that solved this issue for me is simply getting notifications to my email for releases of plugins I have installed (push notifications using the GitHub app are also possible).

All Obsidian plugins are on GitHub, so…

Notifications for new Github project releases?

Go to a project page and click Watch button in the top right corner. There’s a Custom option where you can toggle Releases.

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