Optional enabling of automatic updates for third-party plugins

Another valuable feature would be to optionally enable automatic updates for third-party plugins (for example, after each application launch), as it is currently not very convenient to manually check for version updates every time.

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Comment: I think introducing off-by-default features is pointless in general since you then need to spend effort to find out of that feature. You could use that same energy to find out of Plugin Update Tracker community plugin for example. The opposite is more clever approach: introducing on-by-default features and then offering users the optionality of turning off such features.

As described in this article, browser extensions can pose high security risk due to their automatic updates. It may be intended that automatic plugin updates are not allowed.

Well, that’s why I wrote that by default, this parameter should be left disabled. Specifically for such cases. So it won’t affect users until they consciously enable this parameter, understanding all possible hypothetical nuances and risks. Moreover, the application positions the presence of plugins as one of its features and advantages, not as a potential source of problems. Therefore, it’s strange that the most obvious functions related to plugins are still not implemented.

P.S. I strongly doubt that the majority of users even read about the changes made to the plugin before updating it. Therefore, all these possible risks, far-fetched for the average user whose phone apps update automatically, browser extensions do the same, etc. Any potential update of anything can disrupt the functionality. Or maybe not. No one is immune from that. So everyone decides and configures the application as they see fit.

I said I wouldn’t waste time on empty talk again, and here I am doing it once more :man_facepalming:

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