Auto-update block references when target block is moved to another note

Say I have 4 notes, Notes W, X, Y, and Z.

Note W and Note X have a block reference to a block in Note Y.

I cut the referenced block from Note Y and paste it into Note Z.

I want the references in Note W and Note X to be auto-updated to the block’s new location in Note Z.

Block references are very useful, but brittle. Currently when refactoring notes, you have to do the above process manually.

I could not find an existing feature request for this, but this thread has some related discussion: Block references and atomic notes


This is definitely an important but I thought it has been proposed already. Can’t find that now though…
Edit: Oh here they are:


Thanks for looking for duplicates PhucLe! I think this feature is still worth noting as it’s slightly dissimilar: The other features only reference id changes, whereas this request is to monitor content changes (this distinction is important for blocks).

They could all definitely be grouped into a larger over-arching feature-request that has to do with making linking more robust to any kind of change, though.

(Insert argument for hierarchy support here.)


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To Aid Manual Action: