Add Window > Zoom menu item on macOS

Use case or problem

I use system-wide hotkeys to maximize (fill the screen, not a new fullscreen) windows on macOS by binding it to the standard Window > Zoom command in the menu bar. Window > Zoom item is present in pretty much all native apps on macOS:

Obsidian omits Window > Zoom in the menu bar, so I can’t Zoom (i.e. maximize) obsidian via the keyboard.

Proposed solution

Add the Zoom option to the menu bar under Window.

It’s defined here in the macOS Human Interface Guidelines:

Zoom: Toggles between a predefined size appropriate to the window’s content and the window size people set. Pressing the Option key changes this item to Zoom All.

Current workaround

Option+click the green zoom button in the Obsidian window itself to maximize it.

Related feature requests

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This request is asking for one missing piece, the Zoom command.