Window menu (for handling multiple vaults open)

Use case or problem

Obsidian allows you to open multiple vaults, and every vault has it’s own operating system window. However, it’s hard to work with this set up because there’s no indicator that you have multiple windows open, or a way (menus or shortcuts) to easily switch between open windows.

Proposed solution

Add a Window menu to the menu bar that lists all the open windows. Clicking on one entry would allow you to switch between windows.

Current workaround (optional)

Visually find the windows (which can sometimes be tricky, specially if one of your vaults has its window maximized) and click on their window bar.


Yes please!

On a related note: a keyboard shortcut to switch between vaults (ie. windows) would be nice. On macOS many apps use ALT+TAB for this.

I understand that keyboard shortcuts are defined per vault, so this may be tricky. Yet having a Window menu with a Next Vault item would allow us to define a shortcut in System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts (speaking of macOS again).

You can cycle through open vaults on a Mac by using CMD BACKTICK.


ALT+TAB works well enough on Windows

Thanks @Angel! Unfortunately CMD BACKTICK does not work when the vault windows are fullscreen’ed.

On second thought, I can still use the Move left/right a space shortcuts (which is what I actually do). Somewhat inconsistent, but works.

A pleasure.

Far from ideal, but CTRL LEFT / RIGHT ARROW should work to move between vaults when in full-screen mode. (Perhaps we are talking about the same shortcut here!)