Quick switching between Vault

Use case or problem

when you have multiple vault and are working on different vaults the way to open vault is to click on the “Open Another Vault” button or or having a shortcut to do this then selecting the other vault you want to view.

not only this is slow but also messy if you’re woking in more than 3 vaults

it would be amazing if there is ꜜ ꜜ ꜜ

Proposed solution

a “Quick Switcher” or keyboard shortcut that would allow to quickly switch view to a different vault, you’d be able to bounce back and forth between 2 or 3 vaults (examples: personal vault, the Obsidian help vault, etc.).

Is this possible? i am a novice programmer i want to do this by my self but i don’t know if this possible and how to do it

help please and thank you


Already existing FRs:

As a workaround, you could use the Obsidian URL scheme, and tie your vaults’ URLs to hotkeys on your system.

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