Add keyboard navigation to the Vault Switcher

Use case or problem

I switch vaults many times per day on iPad.

I have assigned a hot key to open the Vault Switcher. But I cannot navigate the Vault Switcher using my keyboard, so I have to tap instead.

Proposed solution

Please make it easy to navigate the Vault Switcher using the keyboard.

The intuitive and simple thing would be:

  1. Arrow keys to select a vault
  2. Enter key to enter the vault

Ideally, I think you’d also make it possible to skip the arrow keys, e.g. make the vault list a numbered list, and then users can just press the relevant number to immediately enter the vault.

An even nicer option would be to make it possible to assign a hotkey to directly open a particular vault (without having to open the Vault Switcher first).


Use case or problem

Opening another vault from within Obsidian using nothing but the keyboard.

Proposed solution

Currently I can access the “open another vault” dialog using the command bar. But within this dialog, the keyboard doesn’t seem to work.

Ideally, I would be able to simply start typing the name of another vault and have it open.

Current workaround (optional)

I use the mouse, or the Obsidian URL for the vault I want using Alfred.

Related feature requests (optional)