MacOS UI Conformity

Just a minor, but annoying missing piece. When multiple vaults are open, there is nothing in the menus permitting the selection of the different windows from the menubar.

The open windows are shown with a right-click on the application in the Dock, but this is an advanced option that a lot of users aren’t aware of.

Simply having a Window menu with the open vaults listed would be really handy.

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On macOS to show all windows for the application that has the focus, Obsidian, press Control-Down_Arrow : ^↓

Also, to toggle between the open Obsidian windows, vaults, use ⌘` (Command-Back_Tick).

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Hmm - some observations:

  • the key binding noted is also re-used by other system-wide utilities, notable Command-` for 1Password and LaunchBar. After disabling them in those utilities, it just types a backtick in the open document.
  • This should still be represented by a menu item with the corresponding keyboard shortcut for discoverability.
  • The global key binding for Mission Control is useful, but again, does not remove the UI requirement to have a Window menu listing the open documents/vaults.

I realize that the APIs for document centric apps may not map easily since it’s an Electron app and the document abstraction is to a vault rather than a UIKit document object, but for many users the discoverability aspect is primarily through menu items and should be visually represented somewhere.

+1 @eableson

Also, the shortcut cmd+m to collapse MacOs windows doesn’t work. (the default key binding is missing in the drop down menu)

Now a big one: Unluckily, Mac users are currently unable to use the default shortcut Ctrl+cmd+d to get suggestions from the build - in dictionaries of selected words or words under the cursor… :slightly_frowning_face:

Finally, the interaction with services (Automator plugins) - is non existing at the moment

That’s pity, Obsidian seems to live in its own environment right now. But it’s early, we didn’t get yet version 1.0